Help Your Puppy Stay Healthy, Happy, & Hydrated

No new dog owner in their right mind would intentionally do anything to harm the precious little face of their little puppy. In fact, so many new puppy owners are now inclined to look for some of the best vitamins for puppies to help them grow into healthy, happy adult dogs.

Pet health concerns are very real and the most important aspect to ensure the health and wellbeing of every age dog is good hydration. That’s why we decided to develop a formula that combines the best vitamins for puppies into a naturally hydrating, tasty dog treat.

Best Vitamins for Puppies

Using a multivitamin for dogs isn’t an altogether new idea and there are tons of different options available. Our goal at DoggieWater was to craft something different, something unique, something that would set us apart from all the other available vitamin supplements for dogs.

Our initial plans involved first and foremost coming up with a list of the most important vitamins for dogs that would also contain the best vitamins for puppies and adult dogs alike. Next, we were intent on making sure the formula was made from an all-natural and organic source.

Then it hit us - what’s one problem both young puppies and old dogs have in common? In case you’ve never had the pleasure of discovering this for yourselves, getting any age dog to actually eat a dog multivitamin tablets or vitamin supplements for dogs in pill form is anything but easy.

One day, while watching a sports game on TV, the answer was staring us in the face. We would develop a vitamin water for dogs that contained all the best vitamins for puppies and adult dogs alike!

Thus, DoggieWater was born and the rest is history. Every bottle comes packed full of the most important dog vitamins and minerals to promote healthy growth, skin, fur, teeth, bones, and hydration. The formula includes such important vitamins and minerals as:

  • Vitamins A, B1, B3, B12
  • Iodine
  • Manganese (MN)
  • Niacin
  • Thiamine
  • Cobalamin

Another awesome fact is that these various electrolytes are naturally occurring because the base is made of coconut water. And, in addition to helping puppies grow into full-size furballs, other vitamin properties actually aid in the prevention of even uncommon dog diseases like EPI.

Like our own sports drinks, DoggieWater comes in four different flavor options and can be bought online as a variety pack of each flavor of a single flavor. The flavor options are:

  • Natural Flavor (No Flavor)
  • Natural Bacon Flavor
  • Natural Chicken Flavor
  • Natural Steak Flavor

Shop for DoggieWater online and be sure to sign up for our club for continued discounts on future purchases. You can also be happy knowing a portion of our proceeds goes directly to the Best Friend Animal Society to help end the practice of killing the poor animals held in kill shelters around the country.

If you want the best vitamins for puppies and love being paid in delightful little licks and tail wags while giving back to a good cause, DoggieWater is for you!

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Best Vitamins for Puppies