How Canine Vitamin Supplements Work

Just like people take supplements to improve their health canine vitamin supplements exist to improve and balance the nutrition of our four-legged friends. Dogs require a balanced diet with the right ratios of vitamins, minerals, and hydration to ensure they live long and happy lives alongside us.

One such canine supplement comes in the form of vitamin water for dogs which can help fill the nutritional gaps that may be present in a dog’s diet. Below, are a number of ways canine vitamin supplements and specifically vitamin-infused water like DoggieWater can improve the health of your precious canine friend.Canine Vitamin Supplements

A Balanced Diet

Many people strive to eat the most organic and nutritious foods available to them to ensure their diet is filled with the right vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy life. Dog food brands have followed suit and there is a wide range of brands that claim to provide a balanced diet for your dog.

Unfortunately, no matter how “balanced” or “nutritious” a dog food brand may claim to be it still lacks fundamentally important vitamins and minerals that a dog needs for optimized health and nutrition. Canine vitamin supplements in a vitamin water for dogs provide the fundamental vitamins and minerals that may be absent from your dog’s diet.

These vitamins and minerals can help to improve your four-legged buddy’s skin, coat, strength, and muscle growth by easily adding the vitamin-infused water to your pet dog’s food. DoggieWater is also flavored to taste like their favorite treats with flavors like natural chicken, bacon, and steak.


Dogs require more water than their human companions and this is especially true when they are outside playing. Water alone does not provide the essential hydration your canine friend needs to not only stay hydrated but also remain healthy and happy.

Canine vitamin supplements like DoggieWater contain the best combination of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to keep your dog hydrated throughout the day. These vitamins and minerals include:

  • Vitamins A, B1, B3, and B12
  • Niacin
  • Manganese (MN)
  • Cobalamin
  • Thiamine
  • Iodine

The coconut water base found in DoggieWater also means that, unlike other dog supplements, DoggieWater is 100% all natural and is the perfect electrolyte restoring, vitamin water for dogs - no matter what age they are.

Not all canine vitamin supplements are as easy to carry like DoggieWater which comes in a well-designed pouch that can easily be taken with you when you and your pet dog are out doing errands or just having a playful afternoon in the park. Designed by veterinary specialists with years of experience in canine health DoggieWater is the premier choice for canine vitamin supplements.

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Canine Vitamin Supplements