Digestive enzymes? Probiotics? Do they work with Doggie?


Many doggie’s have chronic diarrhea. Most time is from an unknown cause. Some doggies suffer from a lot of flatulence, digestive enzymes may help them digest food. Enzymes may also help animals with excessive shedding, dry flaky skin, brittle haircoat, and other abnormalities of the skin and hair by making nutrients, especially fats, more available for absorption. Older animals can benefit from the addition of digestive enzymes to their food. Older animals may lose the ability to produce enough enzymes. There is also some evidence that adding digestive enzymes to doggie’s food may help reduce chronic inflammation such as dogs with arthritis, allergies, or autoimmune diseases. Thin animals or those who seem unable to gain weight despite eating, will probably benefit from the added enzymes as well.

There are many different enzymes available to the pet owner. Some are added to food. Usually before doggie has dinner. Check the level of enzymes you buy, many formulations also contain vitamins, minerals, and/or fatty acids, but I recommend avoiding these and adding specific nutrients only as necessary. But doggie can get all you need from DoggieWater.

Probiotics are another form of digestive additive. Humans also take them. These are live bacteria that are most times present in the gastrointestinal tract. These help to maintain the proper environment for digestion, at least that is the suggestion. Do they help to digest certain food components that doggie can’t break down on their own, ask doggie if he/she feels better? (joke) do these allow doggie to absorb all nutrients they require. Probiotic bacteria also may prevent bad bacteria such as Salmonella from gaining foothold and replicating in the intestine. Again, the advantage of DoggieWater is that whatever doggie does not need comes out the rear door!

If your dog commonly suffers digestive upsets such as frequent gas or bouts of diarrhea, doggie may have an imbalance in intestinal bacteria. Try giving probiotics for a week and then see if there is an improvement. Even stress can alter your dog’s normal gastrointestinal system. A change of home location, a different walking schedule or location, all can affect doggie. It may be possible that probiotics during times of stress may help prevent diarrhea or gas that your doggie may not complain about.

NOTE: A recent study of the viability of commercial probiotics showed that only 2 of 13 products matched their label specifications. Again, be careful when buying these products. Some contained no viable bacteria at all. Because probiotics are live bacteria get them fresh from a health food store, keep them refrigerated. Or just pour DoggieWater over the food of doggie and let them have a great meal and a little fart!  Love your pets!