Water and Dog Vitamins, for Dog Health

Let’s talk for a moment about water. Water is the one substance in your dog’s body that equals two-thirds of its total composition. Think about that for a second; when you’re lifting your doggie your lifting two-thirds of his/her weight which should be water. Water is essential for every one of the functions that your doggie is involved with. Your dog needs water to digest food and also for exercise. As your dog is digesting its food water helps to dissolve all of the particles and nutrients and energy and calories that are needed for your dog to remain healthy. For your dog to have really good digestion it helps them to have more water. The rule of thumb is that for every pound your dog weighs, he or she should consume 1 ounce of water per day. Water is extremely important to move nutrients through the intestines to the parts of the body that require energy and strength.

Remember that your doggie can consume its water various ways. We do not recommend the toilet in your home! Have you ever noticed your dog has a lot of salvation coming from and around its tongue and mouth? Remember that as a dog is breathing, with every exhale, water is leaving the body. Water also is removed from the body not only in urine but also through feces.
Dog Vitamins
Dehydration is something you must always be concerned about with your doggie. Imagine yourself running around in a fur coat or one of those bubble coats in the middle of summer. That’s what your dog deals with all the time. Dehydration can be severe if untreated and most of all it can be fatal. Water is a very important part of the diet of your dog and allowing your doggie to try DoggieWater gives it additional dog vitamins, while the electrolytes prevent your dog from dehydrating so quickly.

Dog vitamins are also an essential part of your dog’s health. Dogs require as many as 12 different types of vitamins. Just like humans remember that dogs cannot produce these additional dog vitamins by themselves and many times, they are not provided in the food that we offer to our doggies.

Dog Vitamins help by creating reactions inside the body of your dog to assist your doggie in releasing additional needed nutrients that may be contained in a dogs food or through its daily consumption of other calories. Vitamins help your dog’s body to put these nutrients to truly good use. Vitamins you should know can be either water-soluble or fat-soluble. The vitamins in doggie water allow your dog to get the essential set of dog vitamins that he or she requires for good health.

An excess of dog vitamins is and should be of no concern vitamins are harmless because they are removed through the urine of your doggie. As long as your doggie is eating good quality foods and has a balanced diet of commercial dog food, adding or pouring a little doggie water that contains electrolytes and dog vitamins over your dog’s food are completely healthy. You don’t need any more to worry about supplementing your doggies diet with water soluble dog vitamins.
Dog Vitamins
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By: Robert Whyte, Founder DoggieWater

Dog Vitamins

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