Don’t Be Fooled!

 Believe it or not, there really is no one accepted definition of what a nutritional supplement is, which means that just about anything that you put in your dog’s mouth could be presented to you under the name “vitamin”. The problem is that you don’t want to be putting just anything in your dog’s mouth. DoggieWater understands this and when we developed this new product, we tested for many attributes that are sometimes not considered by dog owners, like: taste, health benefits, the age of the doggie and the overall benefits to a healthy dog.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) defines supplements as micronutrients and other nutritional additives that are used as therapeutic agents. What? Skip the jimbo-jargon, that the heck is in vitamins? The concept of supplements being used for therapy is important: It implies that vitamins should be used to improve your dog’s health. That, in turn, implies that these supplements should be standardized and rigorously tested for their therapeutic effects, their correct dose range, and their toxicity, just like medicines are. But they are not. DoggieWater has taken time, over three years to work up a formula, a cocktail, a mix of the most needed vitamins for your doggie. And whatever doggie does not need, comes out the back-end. So, no fear of too much DoggieWater.

More often than not, supplements for dogs and yes for humans also, have not been tested at all. That’s just not right. What beneficial claims can be made if the product has not been tested? They frequently get these vitamins from plants or minerals, or combinations of products obtained from nature for which there has been some professed benefit, by someone some time ago in some foreign land. Many nutritional supplements are, indeed, beneficial when used properly. But some are not. In fact, some supplements may even be harmful.

So when we designed DoggieWater, we set up to have only the most needed vitamins and we added electrolytes to the mix because, you try running around in a fur coat during a summer day!