Healthy Pet Treats

There is hardly a time that I don’t struggle giving my dog a piece of anything I’m eating. I know giving dogs human food isn’t good practice. And, honestly, restraining myself takes much more effort than I care to admit. I just guilty and like my heart is being ripped to shreds the moment those puppy dog eyes begin staring at what’s in my hand. I think that is why so many dog owners are always looking for new options when it comes to healthy pet treats. Finding a perfect variety of healthy pet treats for dogs that keeps both us and our canine pal satisfied is the ultimate goal. And one of the greatest additions to our selection of healthy pet treats is definitely Doggie Water. You can find out more about Doggie Water on their website here. Or read more about what makes Doggie Water Kelly’s new favorite treat below.

Healthy Pet Treats

Healthy Pet Treats | Something New

The first time I heard about Doggie Water, I was sold. Admittedly, hearing Bacon Flavored Water might have made me jealous that is wasn’t, in fact, for me. I mean, come on. Help me out fellow bacon lovers. There now exists bacon flavored donuts, coffee, and any number of other new (and probably delicious) bacon-flavored products available...

Fortunately, I came to my senses and started digging into this new, all-natural, vitamin water for dogs. And was more and more impressed with every new piece of information that I came across. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights that I found.

It is super healthy.

As in “I am surprised it is even considered a treat at all” sort of healthy. Doggie Water is loaded with important vitamins and minerals for dogs of ANY age, breed, and size (hence the nickname vitamin water for dogs). In fact, unlike just about any kind of healthy pet treats I can think of, it has

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iodine
  • Manganese

If you are like me and know those are important vitamins, but don’t know exactly what they do, read more on the top vitamins and minerals for dogs.

It is portable.

Hydration on the go. To me, this was personal. Kelly actually has a heart condition that causes her to overheat easily due to a rapid heartbeat. This makes certain outings difficult since it isn’t very convenient to bring a giant jug of water while jogging with a strong golden lab. But Doggie Water comes in an easy to carry 1-liter package. The design is eco-friendly and is packed with more nutrients and electrolytes for dogs than anything I had before.

It is delicious.

Take Kelly’s word for it (because I definitely, totally didn’t try even a sip). All I have to do is take out one package of Doggie Water and she goes nuts. And that is even compared to when she hears the ole’ treat jar open. She knows when she sees these liquid dog treats, its playtime. Want to make your dog associate its treats with a trip to the Dog Park or Dog Beach? This is a perfect option. It even provides a great option to pour over food for an added flavor!

It helps other dogs.

A proceed of every Doggie Water product actually goes to Best Friends Animal Society. That means every time I place an order for Kelly’s (and now mine) favorite new healthy pet treats, other animals are given food and shelter. Visit their website for more information here: Best Friends

In conclusion, if you are like me then you have spent a small fortune trying to find the best healthy pet treats around for your dog. Ready for something different? Ready for a healthy dog treat that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients that keep dogs living better, healthier lives? Then try out Doggie Water. You and your best friend won’t be disappointed.

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Healthy Pet Treats