Liquid Dog Treats

Why choose liquid dog treats? Simple. They are now available in a healthy, vitamin-packed, all-natural, and delicious form. Perfect for adding a little extra excitement and tail wagging when giving your dog a tasty, hydrating, and healthy treat! And they can be used to pour over plain dog food to make it not only tastier but also healthier! All of these are benefits for Doggie Water, a new form of liquid dog treats that are perfect for doggos, puppers, pupperinos, woofers, boofers, and fluffers of every age, shape, size, and breed. Read more about our new liquid dog treats (aka vitamin water for dogs) below. And check out our website for even more facts and product information here: Doggie Water.

Liquid Dog Treats

Liquid Dog Treats | Doggie Water Q&A

What is in Doggie Water?

Our whole idea was to come up with all-natural liquid dog treats the moment we saw so few available. But, we had to make sure they were both delicious and nutritious. So, we decided to investigate and come up with an original recipe that was filled with all natural vitamins and essential minerals. And, thanks to the coconut-water base, it is full of completely organic electrolytes, too, fueling hydration.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iodine
  • Manganese

Those are just some of the well-researched vitamins known to benefit every dog breed and each one is essential to specific functions in the body. These are responsible for digestion, skin and bone health, and more!

When can I use Doggie Water?

Activities: This is one of the most significant things that sets our liquid dog treats apart from such things as biscuits and bones. With Doggie Water, you can go out for a run or for playtime at your local Dog Park and the moment your canine companion needs some hydration, there’s Doggie Water! Each package is easy to carry and eco-friendly 1-liter bottle.

Meal Time: Ever had difficulty getting your furry friend to scarf down some new food or certain medication? Well, with a cup of our flavored Doggie Water, that will be an issue of the past. Just add a cup or so of our flavored Doggie Water to its bowl and you are sure to see it licked until it is sparkling clean. It comes in Natural Bacon, Chicken, and Steak Flavors in addition to no flavor.

Treat Time: The best thing about Doggie Water is that you never have to feel guilty giving your best friend however much you want to treat it too. It’s completely natural, healthy, hydrating, and even a low-calorie treat choice.

Doggie Water comes in packs of 4 of the same flavor or a variety pack with 4 different flavors for only $19.49. CONTACT US for more information! ORDER HERE!

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Liquid Dog Treats