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It is important for every dog owner to keep their dog or dogs in as healthy a condition as possible. A healthy dog brings with it an energy that can rile up a whole family and is often thought of as the cure for depression. There is something about that wagging tail, endless energy, and unconditional love that has allowed dogs to claim the coveted nickname of “man’s best friend”. And being around a healthy dog proves why this is a deserved nickname. So if you are looking for liquid dog vitamins to supplement its regular nutrition routine then take a look at our new sports drink for dogs called Doggie Water. Doggie Water offers liquid dog vitamins in a safe and tasty drink that is similar to our very own vitamin water or sports drinks. To learn more about Doggie Water or about who we are as a company and why we find liquid dog vitamins so important then visit our website at the link provided here: My Doggie Water.

Liquid Dog Vitamins

The idea for Doggie Water came when we were sitting around watching a sports game on TV with our very own furry friends. After watching these athletes replenish important electrolytes lost through action that caused them to sweat profusely, we looked over at our dogs and wondered how much worse would it be if we had a heavy coat of fur covering us while running around as much as they do? After doing a little research we realized there really isn’t such a thing as a sports drink for dogs, only droppers for liquid dog vitamins that seemed tasteless and conventional. Conventional is the last word we attributed to our dogs and our lives, and we thought together how much better it would be to create liquid dog vitamins in a tasty, easy to carry form. Shortly thereafter, Doggie Water was born.

Being located in California, the warm sun and an active lifestyle is something common among almost all of its native citizens. Being a dog owner is another commonality most of us share. But how could we provide liquid dog vitamins in a portable, easy to carry package that also contributes to bettering the environment? By utilizing our resources we found a way to package our liquid dog vitamins in a natural beverage, packed full of naturally occurring electrolytes and vitamins, and created a practical solution that is both eco-friendly and easy to carry. Each Doggie Water product comes in a liter package and can be purchased in four different flavors. These flavors are the listed below here:

  • Natural Bacon Flavor
  • Natural Chicken Flavor
  • Natural Steak Flavor
  • No Flavor

Surely your constant companion will love each of these delicious and nutritional drinks packed with liquid dog vitamins. It is made up almost entirely of coconut water and delivers a tasty package of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B3, Iodine, and Manganese. Each of these is important to your dog’s overall well-being and keeps all dogs happy and healthy! Find out more about these liquid dog vitamins on our website and find us on Facebook to stay up on the latest news. Get the best liquid dog vitamins for your puppers and doggos with Doggie Water!

Liquid Dog Vitamins