Looking for a Healthy Puppy???

Puppies have many of the same signs of health that an adult dog does, but there are some small differences. Heart rate and body temperature is different: puppies’ hearts beat faster, and their temperatures are higher than those of adult dogs, because they are smaller and have a higher metabolic rate. Sleep requirements: just like human babies that require more sleep, puppies sleep more. Don’t mistake tiredness for a lack of interest.  After a little rest, a healthy puppy is going to be a lot to handle. Development of teeth: some baby teeth need to drop out. Then adult teeth erupt some time between four and six months of age.  Some pups’ gums may bleed. This normal teething transition not gum disease.

Choose a healthy puppy to begin with.  All puppies are super cute, but not all are healthy.  An unhealthy pup can be a source of great strain on any family.  You owe it to yourself, and your puppy, to choose one who is healthy right from the start. Be careful and get the advice of a vet or a friend that has experience.

Ask a vet what conditions are common in the breed you like best, this is important as you are taking on a many year relationship.  Then ask a breeder you might be working with.  For some conditions, such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and hereditary ocular (eye) diseases, there are organizations that keep records of dogs who have been checked and found free of these conditions.  The breeder should be able to show your proof their dogs are clear of these problems.