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If we could, we could take every dog in and surround it with the love and care it supports. Alas, we are incapable of housing so many fosters and can only extend our gratitude to the shelters that so selflessly act in the best interests of those lost good boys and girls. However, we did realize there was something we could do for the companions we love so much. So, we decided to develop a complete, original recipe packed with natural dog supplements and vitamins. We decided it was the time that a sports drink for dogs existed, and it is now available worldwide. It is called Doggie Water and you can find out more by reading the article below. For an even more investigative look into our vitamin water for dogs, visit our website here: Doggie Water.

Natural Dog Supplements

Natural Dog Supplements | Q & A

“Cute name. But what is it really?”

Doggie Water is a vitamin water for dogs that is loaded with natural dog supplements and essential minerals. It is also packed with a ton of important electrolytes from an all-natural source. Essentially, it’s a coconut-based sports drink for dogs that are perfect for taking with you during active outings.

“Okay. What type of natural dog supplements and vitamins are we talking about?”

We decided to do our homework and find out what are the top natural dog supplements and vitamins that make every dog healthier. Through diligent research, we came up with a formula that included 5 essential vitamins and minerals that could be used as natural dog supplements to help them recover. The formula we developed includes a more than sufficient amount of each of the following:

  •  Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iodine
  • Manganese
  • & More

Each of these vitamins and minerals promotes healthy bodily functions inside and outside of your pup. From breaking down food to converting energy and building strong bones, healthy fur, and replenishing minerals lost through activity, Doggie Water helps them in every aspect of their life. These specific natural dog supplements have even been proven to keep dogs of any breed happier and living longer!

“Will my dog actually like it?”

Think about how your dog acts when he or she sees a treat in your hand. Does it go crazy just from the smell of bacon or beg for even a taste of your delicious steak? If so, then your dog will absolutely love Doggie Water. It comes in four different flavors that include Natural Bacon Flavor, Natural Steak Flavor, Natural Chicken Flavor, and No Flavor. We also have variety packs available so you can figure out which, if any, is your furry friend’s favorite.

About Us

Doggie Water is located in California and utilizes our connections with a beverage distribution company to produce eco-friendly, one-liter packages for every bottle of Doggie Water. Our creators are passionate about two things: dogs and people. Our hope is that you will see just how beneficial this product can be to your dog’s life and that you will be paid endlessly in ruffs, licks, and wagging tails at even the sight of our product. For more information, please CONTACT US.

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Natural Dog Supplements