Organic Dog Vitamins

It’s not hard to go overboard when it comes to your dog. From new toys to cute outfits to the most expensive food, no one really questions a dog owner’s reasoning for spoiling their pet. Every dog owner has a personal relationship with their canine that differs from another’s in as many ways as one dog differs from the next. However, one commonality all pet owners are in agreement with is the importance of providing a proper diet, full of nutritious organic dog vitamins and minerals to supplement his feed. Now, there is finally a way to supply your best friend with organic dog vitamins in an easy way that will provide him with all the right nutrients to keep him happy and healthy: Doggie Water.

Organic Dog Vitamins

Doggie Water is a vitamin water made specifically to complement a dog’s biology. Full of essential organic dog vitamins and minerals, as well as a delectable taste your dog won’t be able to stop begging for, Doggie Water delivers supplements to your pooch that benefit its overall health and well-being. Our idea for Doggie Water came about like an epiphany while watching athletes drink their electrolyte filled beverages on the sidelines of an active sports game. If replenishing essential nutrients is that important to humans, why do we seem to neglect our dog’s from receiving the same sort of product when they are often just as, if not more active than the dog’s owners are? We thought this should no longer be an issue and came up with a formula to provide dogs with the most important organic dog vitamins.

Water is probably the most important part of any mammal's diet, yet somehow so easy to neglect. As the foundation for Doggie Water, we went one step further than adding just traditional H2O. Rather than regular water, Doggie Water is filled with all natural coconut water to provide your dog with all of its electrolytes in a safe, healthy way. Since water is such an important aspect of their diet we knew it was important to avoid the common mistake of providing dogs these essential organic dog vitamins with a salt-based electrolyte delivery system. Coconut water makes for the perfect solution as it is full of important electrolytes to keep dogs hydrated naturally.  The most important organic dog vitamins found in Doggie Water are as follows:

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iodine
  • Manganese

All five of these significant organic dog vitamins are indispensable if you want every part of your dog healthy. From their digestive and circulatory systems to the brightness and fullness of their coat, there are countless benefits your dog will feel from being treated to our delicious product. Doggie Water is available in four different flavors to satisfy their own personalized taste buds.

  • Natural Steak Flavor
  • Natural Bacon Flavor
  • Natural Chicken Flavor
  • No Flavor

One other added benefit of Doggie Water is that there is no amount that is too much, so continuously providing them with a treat that is only healthy is finally an option.

For additional information about our Doggie Water product check out our website at My Doggie Water and if your dog loves it as much as ours does be sure to tell us on our Contact Us page.

Organic Dog Vitamins