The battle of joint diseases for Doggie

Arthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is one of the most common and most difficult to manage health problems in dogs, older dogs suffer from this often. It starts whenever there is an abnormal fit of the bones that make up many of the joints. Hip dysplasia, as a good example, is when the ball of the femur does not fit tightly into the socket of the hip, so when the dog walks, the ball of the femur rubs against the socket, creating friction. OUCH!  Whenever there is friction in a joint, the bones respond by creating scar tissue and new bone. This eventually results in some form of arthritis. Those who suffer from arthritis will tell you, the constant grinding of the bone against bone is extremely painful. The same is true for Doggie companions with arthritis. For many years, veterinarians thought that the degenerative joint disease was irreversible and that the best that pet owners could do is give the dog anti-inflammatory drugs. These try to reduce the development of scar tissue. Many have tried painkillers to try to dull the pain, now some suggest CBD, the none THC ingredient of cannabis. But how much and what is too much for Doggie?

Many supplements have hit the market claiming to not only protect joints from continuing injury, but also to repair injured joints. Be careful. Many of these make claims that cannot be verified. Some of them are made of shells from the sea or other “natural” items that are ground up and offered to your pet as a cure… rubbish! These so called naturally occurring therapeutics are referred to as nutraceuticals. The name is to differentiate them from man-made drugs, or pharmaceuticals. These products are sold in combination with other nutraceuticals and sometimes with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants under a multitude of names. New products come out every month. Very few have the formulation of DoggieWater, nor have they been created by professionals who know the difference.

Be aware of everything that you consider or do give to your Doggie So many new products can be very confusing. As with other nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals are not regulated by federal agencies as pharmaceuticals are, which places even more responsibility on you, the consumer.

All other nutraceuticals are designed for oral supplementation. Because some of these molecules are broken down and digested in the stomach, it may take as long as six to eight weeks for the oral products to reach effective levels.

Now our pitch…. DoggieWater contains vitamins and electrolytes for your doggie. It is safe and the added vitamins have been proven to help with your doggie’s health. We used one of the best formulators in North America to help design the best most efficient formulation to help your Doggie feel strong and healthy. Remember that they can never have too much, whatever the Doggies does not need, gets sent to the rear to water the grass. Call or email with any questions. And have a healthy day, to both you and Doggie.

BTW our new concentrate DoggieWater is being released this month, lighter to carry around and you can use anywhere!