Two bowls, one food one water?

Chickens, Cows and grains, the basic make up of food for Doggie.  Body parts not used for human consumption used to make delicious doggie food and parts of the body they do not use for human consumption.  Then shipped to the dog food maker and the meal, what remains after the fats are removed, is shipped to the pet food company.  Then grains are sent to mix directly with the dog food. The manufacturer then grinds and separates the whole grains into their different components. Additives are them mixed in, flavors and colors plus some minerals and preservative.  

All of these yummy ingredients are mixed in their proper proportions and added to the mixer, that mixes the ingredients with liquids using pressure and then pushes the now dog food through a machine that squeezes it out like candy bars.  A conveyor belt thanks the now dog food through a dryer/cooler until the right amount of moisture remains.  The food is then coated with fat, yes fat for taste, sometimes a few vitamins, and flavorings.

Notice we have not yet talked about the second bowl. Water is needed for every pet. The high temperature at which dry dog foods are processed means that proteins are broken down and may be changed in their structure and quality.  Any enzymes that were in the food components are destroyed by the heat. Not a great thing. Vitamins that have been destroyed during process have to be put back onto the food.  However, it is not sure whether the components that are added back are the same as those that were present in the unprocessed food components, the raw food and therefore some people prepare foods for their dogs at home.  As a trade-off, however, processed dog food is virtually safe, somewhat tasty as they are tested plus none of the common bacteria that are present on beef and poultry such as Salmonella and E. coli remain.

Still missing the water needed by every dog. Enter DoggieWater, and we suggest a quick review of will explain the benefits of adding it to the water bowl, pouring over food or using alone instead of tap water.