Your dog’s health is just as important as your own...

Your dog’s health is just as important as your own. That is a fact almost every dog owner both understands and embraces. That also means that, just like you, your dog could have a vitamin deficiency. Fortunately, vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs are easily available. The next logical step is finding the best option. So how do you decide?

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Dogs

Find a natural product with a veterinary approved formula.

Just because certain supplemental vitamins are good for humans doesn’t mean they are good for your dog. In other words, you can’t just give your dog the same vitamins you’re taking. It’s important to make sure the base ingredients that make up the actual formula are well researched. The best way to do this is to find a veterinary-approved formula that is made up of all-natural and organic ingredients.

Find a tasty option and use it as a hydrating treat.

If you have ever given your dog medicine and watched the trickster find endless ways to sniff it out, you know why this is so important. The easiest and most popular options are vitamin-enhanced specialty treats that come in different flavors meant for dogs. For example, the treats you typically buy probably come in flavors like bacon, chicken, or steak. These options are available for dog vitamin supplements, too!

Make a good, guiltless plan to give it to your dog daily.

Though treats are great, every dog owner knows it is probably best not to overly spoil your pooch. Many new vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs now come in liquid form. One advantage of liquid dog vitamins is being able to add them directly to their normal food allotment. This can be especially useful if you need vitamins for older dogs that need softer food to digest easier.

Do your research and find a great multivitamin for dogs.

There are fantastic products that include all the most important vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs. This sort of dog multivitamin should include all the necessities and will save you both time and money in the long run. Make sure the product includes Vitamins A, B1, B3, B12, Iodine, Manganese, and natural electrolytes.

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Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Dogs