Vitamin B-12 for Dogs

Vitamin B-12 for Dogs is an essential part of the required vitamins that all doggies need to be healthy. The lack of vitamin B12 can lead to extensive health problems such as anemia and eventually many types of gastronomic diseases.

Vitamin B-12 is not a vitamin that is commonly found in plants or vegetation. The most abundant source of vitamin B-12 is and comes from meat products, specifically organ meat has the highest quantities of vitamin B-12. As a dog owner, you should be thinking about this when buying food or giving additional food to your doggie that is not store-bought. Some people think that going to a vitamin shop for dogs will solve the problem. It’s not like buying a dog bed or dog kennels or finding the best dog food for your doggie. Vitamin B-12 should be added to the vitamin content for your dog daily. Of course, we think that one of the best ways to do that is with DoggieWater. Which is why we included Vitamin B-12 for Dogs in our formula.

Dog owners go out and spend money on dog toys and dog accessories, but what they really should be doing is caring for the health of their doggie. DoggieWater provides not only vitamin B-12, but vitamin B1 and B3 that will be addressed in additional blogs that are coming shortly. We also add iodine and manganese to our formula so that you have a healthy and energetic pet. And when you order from us you get a free dog toy with every order so no need to run to the store to find additional dog toys.  Your pets will love Vitamin B-12 for Dogs with Dog Supplements thru dog vitamin water.

Vitamin B-12 for Dogs

Many owners can use doggie water instead of dog treats when doing dog training. Giving doggy a few sips of water directly from the flex pouch allows for the doggy to feel as if they have accomplished something and are being given a dog treat for their hard work and concentration. At the same time, you are adding electrolytes to your dog’s menu from directly giving them DoggieWater.

The B-12 vitamin is needed for all dogs. B-12 along with iron-folic acid are put into your dog’s daily menu to ensure that the dog's nervous system functions properly. It also helps dramatically with normal cell growth. When your doggie is deficient in vitamin B12 he or she may become sluggish. Look for this sign and if your doggie is getting sluggish, just pour some DoggieWater over there food, added to their water bowl, or basically poured directly out of the FlexPouch into their dog water bowl. You can never give your dog too much DoggieWater.

Remember, great tasting DoggieWater comes in natural, chicken, steak, and bacon flavors. So… surely one of these or all of these flavors will make your doggies meal time better.