Vitamin Enhanced Water for Dogs

If you are looking for a tasty trick to keep your dog well hydrated, check out our vitamin enhanced water for dogs. Doggie Water was made by dog lovers for dog lovers. It comes packed full of important vitamins and nutrients, all from a completely organic source.

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Vitamin Enhanced Water for Dogs

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of keeping your dog living a happy and healthy life. Dogs might not sweat the same way we do, but they still lose important vitamins throughout the day.

Long walks, dog park outings, and other fun activities dehydrate your canine companion fast. Now with our vitamin enhanced water for dogs, you can make sure those important nutrients are quickly replenished.

It comes in a variety of flavors and even the packages are totally eco-friendly. Our thinking was this: we have multiple options when it comes to vitamin-enhanced water for people. Why shouldn’t dogs have variety, too?

Now, their taste buds and ours are a bit different. I don’t think I have ever craved the sweet tastes of dog food (and I’m guessing you haven’t either). So here are the flavors we settled on. There’s All-Natural Chicken, Steak, and Bacon. There is also an all-natural no flavor option for the more picky palettes.

The vitamins and minerals in Doggie Water cover all the bases. Vitamins A, B1, B3, B12, iodine, and manganese all play important roles in the natural function of a dog’s body.

They are responsible for everything from metabolism and growth to bone strength and even mental health. And since the electrolytes come from a natural source, you don’t ever have to worry about giving your doggo too much. We recommend one ounce per pound for maximum hydration, but less than that is okay, too.

We get it. You love your dog. You want it with you as long as possible. So do we. We hope you are just as excited about this new way to keep dogs living healthier, longer lives with our vitamin enhanced water for dogs.

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Vitamin Enhanced Water for Dogs