5 Benefits of Vitamin-Enhanced Water Alternative for Dogs

Find a healthy water alternative for dogs and treat your best friend to a deliciously hydrating treat like no other! That is exactly what you get when you give your four-legged companion dog water alternatives like Doggie Water. Made with a nutritious coconut water base and crafted using a formula designed by vets, giving your dog key vitamins and minerals has never been better!

Water Alternative for Dogs

5 Benefits of Vitamin-Enhanced Water Alternative for Dogs

Give your dog keys vitamins without feeding them more food.

Growing puppers might be able to devour and digest as much food as they can eat, but even growing dogs should never be overfed. This is especially true for active dogs running around in warm environments. A vitamin-enhanced water alternative for dogs allows you to replenish keys nutrients lost during activities without worrying about them gaining weight.

Much easier way to give your dog vitamin supplements.

Most dogs seem to have a nose for finding pills. We try to bury them in tasty treats or disguise them in their evening meal, but somehow those pills still wind up being the only thing left after everything else is gone. A vitamin-enhanced water alternative for dogs allows you to keep your dogs body at optimum health without the headache of wondering whether or not they actually swallowed the supplements you gave them.

Spoil your dog without feeling guilty.

If you are like most dog owners then you know how easy it is to succumb to big ole’ puppy dog eyes. Dogs just seem to know all the right things to do to sucker us into feeding them more treats than we should. Rather than overdoing it on the treats, use a dog water alternative that tastes like their favorite meats. This way you get the same satisfaction of spoiling your dog without all the usual guilt.

Perfect for hydration on-the-go during times away from home.

Bottled water is simple enough to bring for yourself, but not every dog owner likes the idea of letting your dog like the same bottle you drink from. A water alternative for dogs is literally a bottled water made specifically for dogs to deliver maximum hydration during fun outdoor activities.

Help an older doggo that has trouble eating or drinking.

Old dogs are the best! Sadly, the toll of living takes a toll on their body much quicker than ours. This makes even getting an older dog to eat or drink a full meal more difficult. A flavored water alternative for dogs can be poured over food or mixed in with water to help make it more enticing and ease the digestion process.

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Water Alternative for Dogs