Vitamin Water Enhancer for Dogs

A vitamin water enhancer for dogs helps keep your loyal friends as hydrated as they need to be. Full of important vitamins and supplements, using a vitamin water enhancer for dogs can help keep them living happy, healthy lives for longer. But there are only limited options for a so-called vitamin water for dogs. And by limited I mean none, until now. DoggieWater is a new vitamin water enhancer for dogs that has all the most important dog nutrients packed into one delicious, tasty, and healthy treat. Learn more about what makes DoggieWater so special. Or for more product information and ordering options, visit DoggieWater.

Vitamin Water Enhancer for Dogs

Not just a vitamin water enhancer for dogs.

The concept of DoggieWater is simple: make a delicious and nutritious sports drink for dogs that comes in multiple, irresistible flavors. So that is exactly what we did. First, we began researching the most important dog vitamins and minerals. Then we decided on what flavor choices dogs we thought dogs would prefer. Next, we found a great eco-friendly packaging option to distribute it. Last, we began a club to give loyal customers exclusive discounts. And the end result could not make us more proud or happier.

This water enhancer for dogs is crazy healthy.

Simply put, it lacks nothing. We working hard on researching the most important vitamins and nutrients for dogs. Finding the perfect formula and while maintaining our integrity as an all-natural, organic option wasn’t easy. But at long last, we found the best combination. And this combination is absolutely full of more than a sufficient daily amount of all these important nutrients. Every package has:


  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iodine
  • Manganese


Unmentioned are the natural electrolytes and countless minerals that naturally occur in the coconut water base used in every bottle. If you want to learn more about each of these vitamins, Click Here.

More applications than we imagined.

A vitamin water enhancer for dogs sounds simple. However, we never realized just how many different applications a vitamin water enhancer for dogs really has. For example, one of our very first clients realized she her dog wasn’t eating at all. This doggo was much less active and well into his golden years, but still got excited at the very site of DoggieWater. So she decided to add an ounce of the product to her dog’s dry food. Less than a minute later, the dish was clean. Similarly, clients use it to flavor water for pets that are not drinking their water naturally.

Different flavor options to keep every dog happy.

Green. Blue. Red. Orange. Yellow. Light Blue. Clear. White. These colors represent different flavors for a popular sports drink for humans. Why wouldn’t dogs want variety, too? So here are the different flavors you can choose from:


  • All Natural Bacon
  • All Natural Chicken
  • All Natural Steak
  • No Flavor


Giving back to give more.

DoggieWater is involved in a program that helps dogs across the country. We partner with different pet and animal care programs to give less fortunate animals the love they deserve. Learn more about how we benefit the community on our website.

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Vitamin Water Enhancer for Dogs