Keep Your Dog Healthy with Vitamin Water for Dogs

There are many ways to keep your dog healthy. One of the ways that we strongly suggest is being sure that your dog has enough vitamins and ample quantities of water.  DoggieWater combines both with vitamin water for dogs in four different flavors.  But there are some other ways besides giving your dog vitamins and electrolytes to keep them hydrated.

1) Know your Doggie:  First check your puppy out, when I say puppy it could be a dog of any age at least every 2 to 3 months be sure that, just like you would change the oil in your car, you do some maintenance with your doggie. Dogs love treats, so be sure as you are checking your dog for bumps or for any other type of irregularity to their coat, you have plenty of treats for them feel the entire body of your dog for bumps, lumps, and any other changes to the physical structure of your dog. Hey, remember that you take a bath or shower every day, your doggie also requires a good bath every month or so and it’s a good way for you to have some real doggie time. Try everything you can to stay close to your dog emotionally and by checking your doggie out monthly, not only by clipping the toes but in every way checking the ears, nose tongue and teeth, you will form a closer relationship with your doggie.

Vitamin Water for Dogs

2) Feeding your dog right is extremely important. Good nutrition is important for your dog to maintain its health. It does not really matter what type of food your dog consumes, as long as the food they consume is something they like to eat. We suggest that you pour a little DoggieWater (vitamin water for dogs) over your dry food so that the doggie can enjoy it more and it taste better. Picking the best diet for your dog is important, whether your doggie is an adult a puppy or getting on in years. There are various types of food for your dog that relate to its energy level and to its age. As we have done with DoggieWater (vitamin water for dogs), years of testing have gone into these food products so to better customize the diet for your dog.

3) Head to the Vet: You go to the doctor every year so take your doggie to the vet on a regular basis don’t let your veterinarian be a stranger for too long the best relationship you can have is with your vet and if you can get his or her cell phone number even better. As you choose your own family doctor choose your vet based on convenience to your home, and references are very important. Check the references of your veterinarian and then be sure to have regular yearly checkups. Find out if your doggie is allergic, or has some form of internal problems that could be helped with better food or a change in the exercise program. Most of all be sure to bring DoggieWater (vitamin water for dogs) with you on your veterinarian trip as your doggie will get thirsty waiting their turn.

4) Exercise. Just like you and I need exercise to stay healthy, and as I write this I’m thinking I have not yet been out to exercise today, your dog needs regular exercise as much as your doggie requires vitamins and electrolytes to maintain its health, obesity impairs mobility plus increases the risks of heart disease and could cause severe arthritis. Also, remember that a healthy heart for a human is a healthy heart for your doggie.  Keep your dog well hydrated is a great way to avoid common ailments related to dehydration.  Vitamin water for dogs will allow your dog to consume supplemental vitamins safely.

5) Been to the dentist lately? I bet you have and your dog also needs good tooth care. A very high number of dogs can develop periodontal disease. This can be a result of too much bacteria in and around the gums and will loosen teeth. To avoid this, brush your dog’s teeth. A little baking soda and warm water is a good way. Remember to have treats available because doggie’s love treats and they should be thanked for behaving well after you have brushed their teeth. Dogs also do suffer from gingivitis and eventual tooth loss. Again, properly taking care of those beautiful white teeth will help prevent both of these.

6) Castration or spraying. This is a difficult subject and one that we read about often as it relates to cats and dogs. Castration or spraying of your dog is a simple operation that should be considered as an essential and necessary part of your dog’s health.  Doggie’s spayed or castrated live longer. Dogs that have gone through the procedure have a less risk of infections and a much lower chance of developing cancer! Believe it or not, after the procedure they actually feel better and fit better into families because they have a much better behavior profile. Also, they are better doggie citizens because you’re helping to control the ever-expanding pet population

7) Weight. Had a look in the mirror this morning? Did you jump on the scale before your shower? Well, next time pick up your doggie and weigh him or her at the same time. It’s easy to do jump on the scale first by yourself then do it again with your doggie in your arms. Every dog needs exercise and at least on a daily basis the larger your dog is the more exercise it needs to maintain its weight. For dogs that are somewhat hyper, exercise helps to cure this problem at minimum take your dog for a 15 minute walk at least twice a day to maintain weight. Dogs live longer when they are in the right weight class for their size and breed. Properly hydrating and using vitamins helps to maintain the ideal weight for their health. Do anything with your dog, go hiking, go jogging, go walking, go on a bike ride, take them with you when you go shopping… remember, to leave the windows open if it gets too hot in your car. Keep the weight of your doggie at the right level that you and your vet have agreed on.

Vitamin Water for Dogs

8) Vaccinations are important to protect your dog from infectious diseases. There are many infectious diseases and some vaccinations you can provide to your doggie to help aid your dog’s health. Vaccinations have become painless to receive and the science behind them is fantastic. Don’t be afraid to vaccinate your doggie make sure that your doggie remains immune to many potential problems to its health by getting its vaccinations annually if required or as the schedule permits or has been recommended by your vet.

9) Get to work! Do you go to work today? Are you taking care of kids? Are you going to school? Do you have a project that you love? Do you have a hobby that involves physical activity? Well, doggie needs a job for its wellbeing.  They need exercise and they need a project, just like us. Giving your dog something to do every day whether it’s picking up your socks, or getting the newspaper to you in the morning is a job that gives them responsibility. Believe it or not, it gives them meaning. You need it, your doggie needs it and it’s important to maintain a proper balance of respect between your dog and your family and your environment. Obedience classes go a long way to making your dog a better citizen. And you a happier owner.  Take your dog to class and you’ll spend wonderful hours together. You will be so proud of your doggie if your doggie is obedient. A badly-behaved doggie is not good for anyone certainly not good for your mental health.

Please send your comments and thoughts along and remember to hydrate your dog and give them vitamins which are very easily accomplished with doggie water. Doggie Water (vitamin water for dogs) comes in four great flavors and contains all of the necessary vitamins plus electrolytes for your very special friend.

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By Robert Whyte, founder DoggieWater

Vitamin Water for Dogs

Vitamin Water for Dogs