CRATES, they work!

CRATES, they work!


If wolves make their homes by finding a cavity under the roots of a fallen tree, or by finding a hollow formed by large rocks, a sheltered place for Doggie is a natural thing. The wolve’ den,  a base for where the pups are born and grow, or a gathering area where the adults come with their stomach full and place where the entire wolf family feels safe and protected, is the same as a crate. Dogs still love to have a safe, protected place of their own. Doggie will sleep under a low table or in a quiet corner of the room as prime examples. However, you can provide them with a crate to fulfil their need for seclusion and security.

Just about all you can buy for your dog probably isn’t necessary for health and well-being, but if you’re making a list of things to buy, a crate should be at the top of this list. Doggie can go to escape the crowd in a create. It is also a place you can put him when he needs a timeout.

One of the greatest benefits of a crate is that it makes housetraining a breeze. You can use the crate to take advantage of your dog’s natural desires. Your pup will try his best not to soil his home in the create and most dogs will defecate in an area far from the house and away from well-travelled pathways.

When you first bring a new puppy home, put some treats in the crate to encourage Doggie to step inside. If you give Doggie dinner in the crate, he will love being there even more. When Doggie becomes used to the crate, close the door for gradually longer periods of time. Never put Doggie in the crate for punishment. When your dog is comfortable in the create, you can confine Doggie there when you’re out of the house. When you return, immediately take your dog outside and praise Doggie when he “goes”, making it clear that urinating outside is the only acceptable option.

Do not confine your dog in a crate if Doggie shows signs of intense anxiety when left alone. Locking Doggie in the crate at his time can cause panic. It also may make his separation anxiety worse.

What size crate should you get? If your dog is an adult, take him to the store and, using an ample supply of treats, try several crates on for size. Get a crate that allows your dog to lie flat on his side with his legs outstretched and to stand up with having to duck. If you are getting a crate for a pup, remember Doggie will grow and you want to start and end with the same create, if possible. If you are debating between two sizes, get the large one.

While your pup is still growing, you can put a plastic divider inside the dog crate to make it temporarily smaller. Otherwise, Doggie may learn to pee on one end and sleep on the other. They are smart about these things.