Giving Your Doggie Things to do While You’re Away

Exercise is important! And part of your dog’s day, but if you’re like most people you’re probably only home for a few hours. Activities for Doggie while away is a great way to help with exercise.

 Playing with or any approved chew as a toy while Doggie is at home is great. Several market products are designed for your Doggie that will keep ‘em busy. 

Don’t stay away too long! Doggie should not be left alone for than 10 hours at a time. Puppies and some older dogs may need a bathroom break every two or four hours.

Keeping Doggie busy is a job, try stuffing the center cavity of a real bone with dog treats or peanut butter. You can even hide some broken pieces of kibble in the core of the bone. Stuff toys with food and a small amount of peanut butter. Getting to the good stuff can occupy your Doggie for hours. 

Does Doggie have access to a window? Looking over a quiet place such as your backyard so Doggie can watch the birds and other wildlife? Better Doggie does not see activities on the street in front of the house. 

A dog door can be a real great idea for Doggie who is home alone all day. Doggie can go outside into the fenced-in yard, eliminate, catch some rays, chase a squirrel or two, and then go back in to sleep some more. Doggie doors are especially helpful for older dogs who have more trouble holding their urine an entire day. The yard must be completely safe for your dogs. Doggie should not be able to escape by climbing the fence or digging under it. It is also best if Doggie can’t see the comings children or delivery people. Doggie door works best if it is used a quiet neighborhood and it opens to an enclosed kennel or to a secluded yard with a secure fence. 

Doggie Daycare is a growing sector, mostly in urban areas because more and more people are away at work during the day. If you want to give Doggie an outlet for her energy during the day, consider a doggie daycare facility, which offer a variety of services including boarding, play groups, dog walking, obedience training, and even hiking or swimming. They are expensive, so see if the boss will let you take Doggie to work! Or to find one, call a local dog club, a dog training facility or your veterinarian for a recommendation.

And be sure they serve DoggieWater to your friend. They can never have too much!