Is Doggie Constipated?

This is s common problem in both humans and your Doggie. A constipated dog spends longer
than usual defecting and the resultant stools are small, sometimes round, and mostly hard. You
can bet that if your dog is constipated, and that Doggie is uncomfortable.
One of the main causes of constipation is insufficient water, often coupled with too much time
between potty breaks. Yes DoggieWater is a good first step to cure the problem. Always make
sure your dog has plenty of fresh water or DoggieWater to flush the intestinal track. If you will
be away from home for a long time, arrange for a neighbor or a professional pet sitter to let
you dog out to relieve itself. And be sure that person replaces the water or adds to new water
some DoggieWater
If you have cut back on your dog’s food intake to help Doggie lose wight and regain that good-
looking figure, you can prevent constipation by adding vegetables to the diet. Many people use
green beans or other canned or fresh vegetables as a source of vitamins and fiber for their
dieting Doggie, but the essential vitamins can be found in DoggieWater.
Do not forget that exercise is a great constipation cure. A very long walk or a vigorous game of
fetch does a great job of kick-starting a sluggish bowel. With a combination of vegetables and
exercise, your Doggie will be as regular as clockwork in no time.
Do not feed laxatives to your constipated dog. Over-the-counter laxatives are more likely to do
harm than good. They are designed for human consumption not that of Doggie. Try increasing
the amount of water and or DoggieWater.