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With thousands of choices for dog products on the web these days we think it’s important to know a little about DoggieWater.  My name is Bob Whyte and I, along with my wife Stacy, founded and make DoggieWater plus operate the DoggieWater CLUB – Members get special pricing and many other benefits.

How did we come up with DoggieWater and CLUB?  Well… I was sitting on the couch watching sports one weekend and a commercial for a water product came on the TV.  After I watched it, I turned to Stacy and said “there should be a product like this for dogs.  They too need vitamins and electrolytes.”  She said “then do it!!!”. So I made Dog Vitamin Water.

As we already had a beverage business, I decided to work up a great formula for dogs, with vitamins and added electrolytes to keep our pets healthy and active.  VOLA!  DoggieWater™!  Then we decided to put the Dog Vitamin Water into a proven lightweight and environmentally friendly package that we had a patent on, and BOOM, DoggieWater!

We worked with one of the best flavor firms in the USA and a pet vitamin company and designed the best tasting dog vitamin water for dogs, all made in the USA that had every essential needed vitamins for a healthy pet.

So our dog vitamin water product launched in 2017 and we welcome you to the CLUB, why a CLUB?  Because we are all a bit forgetful.  Need milk… but forgot to pick it up!  Never a problem with the DoggieWater CLUB.  Each month you get what you ordered and you can cancel at any time.  Simple.  We like simple.

We truly value our customers and try our best to provide great customer service.  Thank you for trying our DoggieWater and if you ever have a question about the benefits of dog vitamin water drop us an email!


Bob & Stacy

Dog Vitamin Water