Covid-19 and Doggie

COVID-19 and Doggie
Doggie may not understand the concept of social distancing. But with the daily onslaught of new
information about dog owners might be wondering if their four-legged friends are also at risk. Can dogs
get COVID-19?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not received any reports of dogs or other animals
becoming sick with COVID-19 in the United States. Do not however kiss Doggie, that is a bad idea for you
and them. The American Veterinarian Medical Association recommends washing your hands before and
after interacting with Doggie
If you or a family member is sick with COVID-19 limit contact with animals out of an abundance of
caution. Have another person in the household care for the pets or, if that is not possible, continue to
practice good hygiene when interacting with pets and wear a face mask.
Let’s say that Doggie can't get COVID-19, they could come down with another kind of respiratory
disease, although their symptoms might be different from anything humans might experience.
So, can dogs catch the corona-virus? A definitive answer might be near. IDEXX Laboratories, a global
network of more than 80 diagnostic labs, recently announced it has been testing animals for the SARS-
CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19). So far, the company has analyzed more than 4,500 cat and
dog samples and found no cases of the virus. That may change however so take all precautions.
While pets are currently presumed not to be at risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19, that
doesn’t mean they won’t have other health issues. Vets have been deemed as providing essential
services, and many offer telemedicine and may in some cases do a house visit.
In conclusion, we do not know many aspects of Covid-19. And how the virus effects Doggie is still a
mystery. But be safe, take precautions just like you would with any family member and make all pet
toys, areas and food as sanitary as possible for your family health and for the health of Doggie.