Bad breath in dogs is a big deal. There are lots of solutions available.

Dental disease is completely preventable. Here are a simple four-step processes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums for Doggie.  (good luck with number two…) Dental check-ups, brush Doggie’s teeth daily for some 30 seconds (do not use human toothpaste), provide good chew toys, use some dry food each day. 

Here are nine tips to bust that bad breath in dogs:

Brush Teeth Correctly

The Veterinary Oral Health Council recommends certain products for a thorough teeth cleaning. Try using a doggie toothpaste along with a compliant toothbrush.  

Chew and Chomp

Certain rubber toys allow you to hide cleaning treats or even dog toothpaste inside. As dogs chew on the toy, their teeth get cleaner and their breath gets fresher.

 Visit the Vet

Studies show that 80% of Doggies have dental disease by the age three. Doggies must be seen by a vet at least once a year.


Put some plain yogurt to your dog’s daily food allotment. Be sure to only add plain yogurt — no fruity flavors and definitely no sugar substitutes in the yogurt. Sugar substitutes, especially Xylitol, can be deadly for dogs. Give Doggie a teaspoonful or two and watch to make sure your Doggie isn’t lactose intolerant. 

Buy Special Teeth Treats

There are lots of specialized dental care treats on the market.  

Relish Some Rawhide

Rawhide bones are good for banishing plaque but watch Doggies as they chew as they could choke. Take it away as soon as it softens up.


Hey, I use it to freshen my breath, and it is good for the heart also!

Use DoggieWater

DoggieWater does not cure bad breath, but it is good for Doggie. However, water additives that fight bad breath in dogs are becoming popular with owners because of the ease of use. 

Let Doggie have a cup-a Tea