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Doggie peeing too much?

If you notice Doggie doing a number one more frequently than normal, pay attention to how much Doggie may be drinking. Most likely, Doggie is urinating more because they are drinking more water. Or they just love DoggieWater so much… but now back to the blog… Increased thirst may be caused by a hormonal imbalance […]

Dog dental Examination Read More

Bad breath in dogs is a big deal. There are lots of solutions available.

Dental disease is completely preventable. Here are a simple four-step processes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums for Doggie.  (good luck with number two…) Dental check-ups, brush Doggie’s teeth daily for some 30 seconds (do not use human toothpaste), provide good chew toys, use some dry food each day.  Here are nine tips to bust […]

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