Doggie peeing too much?

If you notice Doggie doing a number one more frequently than normal, pay attention to how much Doggie may be drinking. Most likely, Doggie is urinating more because they are drinking more water. Or they just love DoggieWater so much… but now back to the blog… Increased thirst may be caused by a hormonal imbalance called hypoadrenocorticism. Yup a 19-letter word that we can’t pronounce.  Dogs with hypoadrenocorticism (whatever it is) often have other symptoms such as hair loss and or weight gain. Any time Doggie is drinking excessively, get her checked by your vet – and look out for other symptoms as well. Now to answer your question. Doggie can drink as much DoggieWater as they like, whatever the body does not need comes out the back end!

Another hormone-based concern that may cause excessive drinking and or urination is the start of diabetes. Just as in humans, in diabetic dogs the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin, that hormone that signals sugar in the blood to enter the cells. The result is high blood sugar, which causes thirst. The thirsty Doggie will drink water and yes Doggie will then urinate more. The treatment for this condition is to strictly control food intake and provide insulin, usually by injection. Long term effects of untreated diabetes in dogs include blindness, non-healing wounds, and coma, so be sure to talk with your vet if you recognize increased thirst. 

Having said all this, Doggie needs fresh clean liquids. Whether DoggieWater or toilet water, if you ran around all day in a fur coat, you might want a drink also.