Have An Injured Doggie??

Whenever you approach an injured Doggie, always start by protecting yourself. Even mans’ best friend can become cranky. If Doggie is in pain a major pain or minor one and becomes afraid, even your best friend may turn on you or hand that feeds Doggie. Make a temporary muzzle out of a length of a cloth, a belt, or some pantyhose. Should it turns out the muzzle was not necessary because Doggie responded to your examination or held well, Doggie will forgive you for temporarily putting the muzzle on it. If necessary, you’ll be glad you protected yourself. 

To apply a muzzle, follow these steps:

  1. Approach Doggie slowly, using a soft tone of voice.
  2. Bring the cloth (or other material) up under Doggie’s chin about halfway between the nose and eyes.
  3. Tie two ends in one loop on top of Doggie’s nose.
  4. Bring the cloth or whatever you are using back under Doggie’s chin and tie another single knot under Doggie’s chin. 
  5. Bring two ends of the bandage to the back of Doggie’s neck behind the ears and tie them in a bow. 
  6. Tie the loops of the bow into another single knot to keep the muzzle securely fastened and secure during treatment. 

The muzzle should be tight, enough that Doggie cannot open its mouth, but not so tight that it impedes breathing. Remember that Doggie uses its mouth to communicate, eat, pick up items and help you, now as Doggie is in stress, it needs to use its mouth to communicate pain, hurt and discomfort. 

Examining an Injured Doggie when injured or ill. Your primary goal is to remain calm and be certain in your actions. Keep your voice from revealing any fear you may feel inside. Use the A-B-C checklist: Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. Even if Doggie has a bleeding wound, carry out this preliminary assessment first. Respiratory and circulatory problems are usually more life-threatening than flesh wounds. When you are certain Doggie is breathing correctly and is not in deep shock, you can deal with the wound. 

Your friend may be hurting but you are the only one that can help. Be kind, move slowly and do not panic. You will end up with a better result.